About ShoomBot.ai

ShroomBot.ai is a project combining two of my favourite topics, psilocybin mushrooms and Artificial Intelligence. ShroomBot.ai serves as a helpful resource for others who are looking for factual information about psilocybin-containing mushrooms and how they may be of use for medical reasons and/or spiritual growth.

As someone who has benefited greatly from mushrooms, I hope this website will find its way to others and provide them with evidence based studies in an easy to digest format. Ask ShroomBot.ai something about mushrooms and it will do its best to provide an answer, based on the data that it has been provided.

I am not a professional. I recommend that you use the information you receive from this website as a starting point, then further your knowledge. I am hoping to find a way to make ShroomBot include links to the studies that will be referenced to allow for further reading.

If you find this website useful and want to say thanks, please donate to a mental health project that may personally relate to you.

Thanks for stopping by!